2024 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper’s Winners, Losers From Second And Third Rounds


Welcome to the 2024 NFL draft! Mel Kiper, the renowned draft expert, shares his winners and losers from the second and third rounds.


Round 2: Winners- The New York Giants. They snagged a top-rated edge rusher and a versatile offensive lineman, solidifying their defense and protecting their QB.


Round 2: Losers- The Chicago Bears. They traded up for a QB who may not be ready to start, passing on other top prospects. Will this decision come back to haunt them?


Round 3: Winners- The New England Patriots. They added depth to their secondary and a potential steal at wide receiver. Bill Belichick strikes again.


Round 3: Losers- The Seattle Seahawks. They reached for a running back and ignored their offensive line needs. Will this hinder their Super Bowl aspirations?


Round 2: Surprise pick- The Las Vegas Raiders. They took a chance on a small-school cornerback with big potential. Will he live up to the hype?


Round 3: Surprise pick- The Philadelphia Eagles. They drafted a quarterback despite having a franchise QB already. Are they planning for the future or creating a QB controversy?


Round 2: Steal of the draft- The Baltimore Ravens. They landed a top-rated linebacker in the second round. How did he fall so far?


Round 3: Steal of the draft- The Los Angeles Chargers. They found a gem in a versatile offensive lineman who can play multiple positions. Will he be a key piece in their playoff run?


That concludes Mel Kiper's winners and losers from the second and third rounds of the 2024 NFL draft. Stay tuned for more analysis and surprises in the later rounds.