Canadian Nanaimo Bar Blast


Welcome to the Canadian Nanaimo Bar Blast! Get ready for a sweet and savory adventure through the streets of Nanaimo, Canada.


Meet our first stop, the famous Nanaimo Bar Factory. Watch as they create the perfect layers of chocolate, custard, and coconut for the ultimate treat.


Next up, we have the Nanaimo Bar Museum. Learn about the history of this delicious dessert and how it became a staple in Canadian cuisine.


Feeling hungry? Stop by the Nanaimo Bar Food Truck for a variety of unique twists on the classic bar. From maple bacon to matcha, there's something for everyone.


Take a stroll through the Nanaimo Bar Market and sample different versions of the bar from local vendors. Don't forget to pick up some to take home!


Need a break from all the sweetness? Head to the Nanaimo Bar Brewery for a refreshing pint of their signature Nanaimo Bar Ale.


For a more hands-on experience, sign up for a Nanaimo Bar Baking Class. Learn the secrets to making the perfect bar and impress your friends back home.


Feeling adventurous? Try the Nanaimo Bar Challenge at a local restaurant. Finish a giant bar in under 10 minutes and get your name on the wall of fame.


End your day with a relaxing Nanaimo Bar Spa Treatment. Indulge in a chocolate and coconut body scrub, followed by a custard facial. Pure bliss!


Thank you for joining us on the Canadian Nanaimo Bar Blast. We hope you enjoyed this sweet and savory journey through Nanaimo. Don't forget to take a bar (or two) home with you!