French Orgeat Oasis


Welcome to the French Orgeat Oasis, where the sweet scent of almond and orange blossom fills the air.


Step into our oasis and be transported to the streets of Paris, where the famous orgeat syrup was first created.


Indulge in our signature drink, the French Orgeat Frappé, made with freshly squeezed orange juice and a splash of orgeat syrup.


Take a stroll through our garden and discover the secret ingredient that makes our orgeat syrup so unique.


Join us for a French-inspired brunch and try our delicious French toast topped with a drizzle of orgeat syrup.


Feeling adventurous? Try our Orgeat Martini, a twist on the classic cocktail with a hint of almond and orange.


Don't forget to take home a bottle of our homemade orgeat syrup, perfect for adding a touch of Paris to your own drinks.


Relax in our cozy outdoor seating area and sip on a refreshing Orgeat Lemonade while soaking up the sun.


End your visit with a sweet treat, our Orgeat Macarons, a delicate French pastry filled with a creamy almond and orange filling.


Thank you for joining us at the French Orgeat Oasis, where every sip and bite is a taste of Paris. Au revoir!