Korean Hwachae Hiatus


Welcome to the world of Korean Hwachae Hiatus! A refreshing drink made with fruits, herbs, and a touch of magic.


Meet our protagonist, Hana, a young girl who discovers the secret recipe for Hwachae and embarks on a journey to share it with the world.


Hana's journey takes her to the bustling streets of Seoul, where she meets a group of friends who help her perfect the recipe.


Together, they experiment with different fruits and herbs, creating unique and delicious flavors.


But just as Hana's Hwachae business starts to take off, she faces a setback when her main ingredient, the magical Hwachae flower, goes into a sudden hiatus.


Determined to keep her dream alive, Hana sets out on a quest to find the missing flower and save her business.


Her journey takes her to the mystical mountains of Jeju Island, where she discovers the true power of the Hwachae flower and its connection to her family's past.


With the help of her friends and the guidance of her ancestors, Hana overcomes obstacles and finds the missing flower, reviving her business and bringing joy to people's lives.


As Hana's Hwachae becomes a popular drink all over Korea, she realizes that the true magic of Hwachae lies in the memories and connections it creates.


Join Hana on her journey and experience the magic of Korean Hwachae Hiatus for yourself. Cheers to new beginnings and delicious adventures!