Norwegian Aquavit Arctic Adventure


Welcome to the Norwegian Aquavit Arctic Adventure! Join us on a journey through the icy landscapes of Norway and experience the unique flavors of aquavit.


Meet our expert guide, Lars, who will take you on an unforgettable adventure. He knows the ins and outs of the Arctic and will make sure you have the time of your life.


Our first stop is the famous Tromsø Ice Domes, where you can marvel at the stunning ice sculptures and enjoy a shot of aquavit in a frozen glass.


Next, we'll head to the picturesque town of Longyearbyen, where you can try traditional Norwegian dishes and learn about the history of aquavit.


Get ready for an adrenaline rush as we go dog sledding through the snowy terrain. Feel the wind in your hair and the thrill of the ride as we explore the Arctic wilderness.


After a day of adventure, we'll relax in a traditional sauna and enjoy a hot cup of aquavit. Let the warmth of the sauna and the smooth taste of aquavit rejuvenate your body and soul.


As the sun sets, we'll embark on a Northern Lights tour. Witness the breathtaking beauty of the Aurora Borealis and sip on a glass of aquavit under the dancing lights.


Our final stop is the Lofoten Islands, where we'll visit a local distillery and learn about the process of making aquavit. You'll even get to create your own personalized bottle to take home.


End your journey with a traditional Norwegian dinner, complete with aquavit pairings. Taste the different varieties and discover your favorite flavor.


Thank you for joining us on the Norwegian Aquavit Arctic Adventure. We hope you had an unforgettable experience and will continue to enjoy the unique flavors of aquavit. Skål!