Punjab: Sarson Da Saag – Punjab Mustard Magic


Punjab: Sarson Da Saag - Punjab Mustard Magic


Slide into the world of Punjab, where the rich mustard fields stretch far and wide, giving birth to the iconic Sarson Da Saag.


Slide your taste buds into a frenzy as you savor this traditional Punjabi dish, made from fresh mustard greens and a medley of spices.


Slide over to the kitchen, where the magic begins. Watch as the mustard greens are cooked with love, onions, ginger, and garlic, creating an aromatic symphony.


Slide a dollop of homemade butter onto a piping hot plate of Sarson Da Saag, and let it melt, adding richness and flavor to every bite.


Slide a piece of warm, crisp Makki Ki Roti onto your plate, and witness the perfect marriage of flavors, as the Saag and Roti complement each other.


Slide back in time, as you learn about the cultural significance of Sarson Da Saag, a dish passed down through generations, symbolizing love and togetherness.


Slide into the heart of Punjab, where Sarson Da Saag is not just a dish, but a celebration of the region's agricultural heritage and culinary prowess.


Slide into a Punjabi feast, where Sarson Da Saag takes center stage, accompanied by a spread of other traditional delicacies like Dal Makhani and Lassi.


Slide back to reality, but carry the taste of Punjab with you. Let Sarson Da Saag be a reminder of the magic that can be created with just a handful of ingredients and a whole lot of love.