Swedish Glögg Gala


Welcome to the Swedish Glögg Gala! Join us for a festive evening of traditional mulled wine, delicious food, and lively music.


Indulge in the warm and spicy flavors of Glögg, a beloved holiday drink in Sweden. Made with red wine, spices, and a touch of brandy.


Savor the rich and hearty dishes of Swedish cuisine, from meatballs to pickled herring. A feast fit for a king or queen.


Experience the magic of a traditional Swedish Christmas with our beautifully decorated venue and twinkling lights.


Join in on the fun with traditional Swedish dances and songs, led by our talented musicians. No experience necessary!


Take a break from the festivities and browse our market, filled with unique gifts and treats from local vendors.


Don't forget to try our famous gingerbread cookies, a staple in Swedish holiday celebrations.


Capture the memories with our photo booth, complete with festive props and backgrounds.


End the night with a special surprise from Santa himself, as he makes a special appearance at the Swedish Glögg Gala.


Thank you for joining us at the Swedish Glögg Gala. We hope you had a wonderful time and wish you a joyous holiday season!